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Through the Seasons: A year in morris and folk dance

Released: 2018

‘Tradition respected, inventiveness expressed and innovation unbridled’ Folkwords

‘All the joie-de-vivre you could want’ Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio 2

Will’s Arts Council Funded current project, Through the Seasons sees him join forces with Benji Kirkpatrick (Bellowhead, Faustus, The Transports) and Ross Grant (Inlay) to celebrate the music of morris and folk dance.

1. Getting Upstairs / Rodney
2. The Quaker
3. Trunkles
4. The Nutting Girl
5. The Liberty Bell March
6. Brighton camp / Salmon Tails
7. Fanny Frail
8. Not for Joe
9. The College Hornpipe
10. Blackthorn Stick Irish Washerwoman
11. Ampleforth Sword Dance
12. Papa Stour Sword Dance