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Will Pound Banner

Walsh and Pound

Released: 2011

‘Brimming over with life force and genuinely charismatic musicianship’ – FROOTS
‘Not a dull moment from start to finish’ – R2
‘Dan Walsh is the real deal, a demon picker and Will Pound is a master of the mouth harp’ – UNCUT

1. Jolly Beggarma
2. Wrath Of The Rain
3. Two Lives Lost
4. CCC
5. Old Tom of Oxford
6. The Chosen Few (Snippet)
7. Hammer and Nail
8. Leaving Toon
9. My Lagan Love (Snippet)
10. Turkish Delight
11. Stop Breaking Down
12. Big Country
13. The Wrong Sample
14. Clay and Ottie
15. Shabanac Tube Station; Floating Candle; Pressed For Time