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Runescape and solo album update

March 18, 2013

Hi everyone!
Sorry for not update the blog for a bit. Been a bit hectic.
So recently iv been busy doing recording sessions for computer games and films…
The most bizzare (but really fun) gig recently was heading to Cambridge with my duo partner and wife Nicky Pound to record at Jagex Games studio to record the main theme tune and other tracks for the online computer game Runescape. I didn’t know a lot about the game before I went but I do now. Turns out it’s a bit well known with about 200 million accounts/people following it around the world…. It was really good and the guy’s who we worked with were fantastic. Keep an eye out soon!
Solo album is coming together well. Most of the tracks are recorded and are sounding great. Release looks like it will be in September. Will keep you updated with a date soon.

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